How To ReAuthorize The Toolkit MWS Token If Legendary Toolkit Is The Authorized Develper

Sometimes you may encounter situations where you need to reauthorize your Toolkit MWS token. This can happen for a number of reasons including after computer updates, after clearing your cache, when your token has expired before you renewed it, etc.

Here are the steps to take to reauthorize your MWS Token for Toolkit:

  1. Log into your Seller Central Account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to User Permissions
  4. Under 3rd Party Developer and Apps>Click on “Visit Manage Your Apps”
  5. Find Legendary Toolkit - if you do not see it then find Legendary Seller
  6. In the MWS Authorization Column>Click on View
  7. Copy the MWS Authorization Token
  8. Go to
  9. Click on MWS Setup
  10. Click on your profile picture
  11. In the dropdown menu, choose My Profile
  12. Click on MWS Setting tab
  13. Where it says MWS Auth Token>Click on the pencil on the right - this will show you the current Authorization Token
  14. Delete the current Authorization Token
  15. Paste the Token you just copied from Seller Central and then click on the check mark to the right of the box - your token is not saved until you click the pencil
  16. You should get a pop up showing that it was changed. 
  17. Go to and find any listing
  18. Toolkit should be working (you may need to log in)

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