How To Connect Your OmniRocket Tools To Amazon's SP-API

1. Go to

Once you login your OmniRocket Console will open to Marketplace Settings and you will be unable to go to the Dashboard until the connection steps are completed. Once you have connected the SP-API, you will again open to the Dashboard upon login. 

2. Select your Marketplace and click “next”


3. Enter in your Amazon Store name in the “Account Nickname” field. Enter in your Seller Central email address. Click on “Authorize Account Connection”  

4. On the “Authorize OmniRocket” screen click the checkbox “I direct Amazon to provide OmniRocket access…” then click on “Confirm” 

A pop up box will appear indicating that the request is authorizing. 

Once the authorization is complete, you will automatically be returned to OmniRocket Console Marketplace settings where you will see that the authorization was successful. 

You can confirm that OmniRocket is connected by going to your Seller Central Account and clicking on the Settings gear. 

Click on “User Permissions”

Under Third party developer and apps click on “Visit Manage Your Apps”

Scroll down until you see OmniRocket. 

You are now successfully connected!

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